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Course in Trauma for
Course in Trauma for women

Jesoor has accomplished a training course about Trauma
and possible ways of intervention in collaboration with the
Women Affairs Association. The course covers topics related
to meaning of trauma, ways of intervention and recovery from
trauma in addition to others topics. Professionals from Jesoor
used different ways of training methods, where around 25
women participated in the course.

The course covers twenty hours over a period of ten days
started with a needs assessment. Jesoor tradition is to start
any training capacity building and training activities with a
needs assessment with a sample of the participants. This
procedure would avoid us providing training that doesn’t meet
the needs of the participants in addition the training
curriculum is built the knowledge that participants have.

The course aims at equipping participants with the basic
knowledge about trauma, and the healing practices used.

At end of the course the participants were given certificate of
participation. They recommended Jesoor Administration to
repeat the course again for another group and research on
the traditional meaning of trauma and culturally sensitive
idioms of distress.

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Nov 2006
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Course in Trauma for women
Course in Trauma for women
Course in Trauma for women
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