Trauma & Global Health Bulletin

On October 9th 2010, the Guatemalan Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance declared that the second week in October More »


جولة تفقدية للمناطق المنكوبة في قطاع غزه

  قامت جمعية جسور للصدمات النفسية بجولة تفقدية للمناطق المنكوبة في قطاع غزه أثر الحرب التي سميت باسم (عامود السحاب More »


Jesoor Support the legal referral system

Jesoor on behave of the Coalition of Justice did the first workshop for supporting the legal referral system on Rafah More »


Children and torture Activities

 Jesoor for Trauma Recovery has launch Inge and Bent children and torture program Acknowledging Inge Genefke and Bent Sørensen pioneering, innovative More »


Mental health from Palestinian theorists reality of cultural

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Report of the camp bridges – Basma hope

بالتعاون مع مؤسسة إغاثة أطفال فلسطين تم تنفيذ مخيم صيفي, لأطفال مؤسسة جسور لعلاج الصدمات النفسية الذين يعانون من مشاكل More »

Gaza is drowning in darkness

Gaza Strip is one of the highly densely populated areas in the world where 1.5 million people living, half of them are children. The only two border crossings to Gaza have been partially sealed for more than a year untying the Strip from the entire world. More recently, Israeli government has imposed more strict measures by closing these borders, decreasing the amount of fuel entering Gaza, cutting off electricity,

On the international child day

On the “International child day”, Jesoor organized a workshop about “Tortures and Human Rights abuse”. The workshop was organized in Jabalia camp in collaboration with Women Health Centre in Jabaliah. Mervat Mekbel, Mohannd Hamdan from Jesoor team in addition to Fardous El Katarey from Woman Health Center Jabalia gave different presentations about torture and its psychosocial consequences, child torture and its impact on both child and family and the role of mothers on prevention of torture and child human rights abuse. The workshop was for two days

Representative of MSF-France visit to Jesoor

Wednesday 21/11/2007, Ms Nathalie Severy, psychological coordinator from “MSF, Doctors Without Borders-France” visited Jesoor organization for possible cooperation and sharing experiences in the future. The Executive Director of Jesoor, Mr. Ali Aamer gave her a brief description about the Jesoor while the team coordinator, Ms, Mervat Mekbel give a description about activities and services implemented by Jesoor both at the community and clinical levels. Ms Severy decribed the activities that “Doctors without Borders-France” is implementing in the Palestinian

Jesoor organization for trauma and recovery calls for protecting Palestinian Prisoners

Tens of Palestinian prisoners in NAKAAB prison were wounded when a special Israeli Army unit attacked prisoners early Monday 22 October 2007. As reported by different news agencies, one prisoner was killed (Mohamed El Ashkar) and more than 200 prisoners were injured; nine out of them were seriously wounded and were transferred to SEROKA hospital for further treatment.

Workshop about “Mental health impact of trauma among children”

قامت جمعية جسور امس الاثنين الموافق 24/9/2007 وبالتنسيق مع جمعية الحياه والامل بعقد ورشة عمل في شمال محافظة غزة ولمدة يومين بعنوان ” المشاكل النفسية الناتجة عن الصدمة النفسية لدى الاطفال ” وذلك ضمن مشروع الدعم النفسي الاجتماعي للآباء والأبناء الذين تعرضوا للصدمة النفسية والذي تموله مؤسسة كندر الأمريكية والجاري تنفيذه حاليا في شمال وجنوب قطاع غزة. شارك في الورشة ما يقارب من ثلاثون شخصا من الفئة الشبابية من مختلف الجنسين