Jesoor Org

JESOOR, means “bridges”. it is a Palestinian organization strengthening the link between health and human rights, prevention of torture and human rights abuse through research, advocacy, community assistance and the capacity building of health professionals.

We seek to build bridges to health and peace in our community by engaging the social, economic, political and environmental contexts in all aspects of our work, and to contribute creatively to the global and regional right to health movement. In the context of health and human rights research and capacity building, the emphasis would be given to combine social, psychological, biomedical knowledge with political and cultural environment. Behind such philosophy lies two important aspects; providing an effective services and also community development. The concept of development involves real changes in the thinking of health professionals from not only being
traditional service providers but facilitators of care, recognizing the rights of individuals and communities to express their needs freely. Therefore, they act as helpers and also agents of change,
community immobilizes and peace builders.

Jesoor is governed by a multidisciplinary group of professionals with high experience in the field of health, human rights and community developments. It also has an international board of
advisors that meets annually. Jesoor is a non-governmental and non-profit organization
governed by a professional and an independent board of Directors elected by the general assembly.

Jesoor is registered by the Palestinian Ministry of Interior.

The official and working language of Jesoor is Arabic and English as the second language