Organization philosophy

Jesoor Philosophy springs from Dr. Afana’s believe that is based on responding to macroscopic view of health needs of people, individually and collectively, aiming to move people forward, beyond their challenges. Our hope for peace, freedom and democracy, which is a universal wish that all people and societies share, lies in strengthening capacity building, contextual research studies and a greater involvement of people in embracing their own health related issues, while equipping health professionals with interdisciplinary skills able to advocate from within, effective meaningful social, economic and cultural changes that includes the needs for fresh perspectives about the relational concept that is the right to health approach. Capacity building that is based on contextual research studies in regions where human rights respects are highly needed is an important first step in understanding and intervening in the psychosocial and cultural degenerative effects of human rights abuse and traumatic experiences on individuals and their societies.

It is our philosophy that health in its wider perspective includes an inseparable bio-psychosocial link that must be emphasized in the relationship between health and human rights and is that equipping health and allied professions with the needed knowledge and skills that would enable them to be therapeutic interventionists and advocates are key issues in community development and changes.

We understand and believe that human rights and democracy are promoted through an acceptable child rearing practices, family and community awareness, breaking the cycle of violence, and are
maintained, from within, the community itself by effective and meaningful social, economic and cultural changes, which is not imported by and from other communities.