Vision & Mission


To develop a trans-cultural model of the “right to health” approach
and commitment to social justice and change in Palestine and the
region, by examining health in the context of people’s life –moving
beyond the individualistic approach to include extended family,
social, cultural, political, religious and economic conditions.  The
model is based on analyzing the links between health and human
rights focusing on the community approach and development. Such
a model will be developed through capacity building, contextual
research studies, professional advancement, professional
credentialing, and the ability to act as an ethical change agents in a
constantly changing environment by empowering family and
community initiatives in alliance with existing community resources.


Jesoor would be distinguished for its leading position in the region
as an organization of excellence in capacity building, professional
practice, contextual research, and of its critical analysis of the
linkage between mental health and human rights. Jesoor will be
proactive and innovative in efforts to alleviate inequalities in health,
making family empowerment more accessible and culturally
acceptable while providing each individual with dignified service. We
will gain distinction for our critical analysis of the contextual linkage
between health and human rights, and contribute creatively to the
local, regional and global right to health approach movement and
prevention of torture.

We will achieve this by basing health practice and research on the
philosophy of right to health approaches and the holistic framework
of people’s rights where our focus is not only on the mind, body and
spirit, but also on the context were individuals live.