We will ensure that the principles of “right to health” are reflected


  • Promoting innovative contextual research studies and
    capacity building and ensure that health services are based
    on the principles of justice, humanity and respect of human
  • Raise family and community awareness about the need to be
    treated with respect and dignity.
  • Contribute to the creation of a generation of children raised
    in a culture of respect for democracy, by fostering healthy
    child-parent relationships and feelings of security and self-
  • Develop strategic alliances and joint work with local, regional
    and international institutions concerned with justice and
    peace to promote community-based right to health
  • Analyze the contextual application of health measurement
    tools used globally to measure the quality of life, trauma, and
    symptoms of PTSD, and other anxiety disorders.
  • Prevent torture and human rights abuse by culturally
    sensitive means.