Org. Structure

Organization structure

Jessor is governed by Board of Directors two main bodies

A) Board of Directors,
B) General assembly of the organization, and
C) an International and Regional Advisory Committee will be formed soon.

A) Board of directors
Board of Directors composed from 7 elected professionals from the
General Assembly for 2 years

  • Election Board is responsible for the general policy of the
  • The Board meets once every three months for follow up and
  • The board chose the general director of the organization
    and responsible for his/her evaluation
  • The board recommend and approve the new policies of the

B) General Assembly
General assembly composed from a group of professionals believe
on the philosophy of the organization and advocates it mandate

  • General assembly of Jesoor is held once every three years
    and convened by the Board of Directors
  • General assembly elects the Board of Directors
  • General assembly decision making practices is through
    independent votes
  • General assembly as well as the board of Directors members
    are obliged to advocate and follow the organization mandate
    and philosophy
  • Demonstrate an active knowledge and interest of the
    organizational objectives

The General Director

Is accountable to the Board of Directors
The General Director has the following functions:

  • Implement the policy and procedures of the organization
    which is approved by the Board of Directors
  • Help in fundraising and provide financial and narrative
    reports to needed funding agencies
  • Monitor and follow up the activities of the organization
  • Provide guidance, and motivate staff and professionals of
    the organization
  • Organize meetings and giving feedback to both the Board of
    Directors and the General Assembly
  • Can hire staff and professionals needed if funds allows.
    Firing people is a delegated responsibility to the General
    Director by the Board of Directors
  • Enhance networking with organizations share similar
    philosophy, mandate and activities
  • Has the right to contact funding agencies and individuals
  • Represent the organization in meetings and conferences
    local, regional and international and can delegate that
    responsibility to other staff members.


International and Regional Advisory Committee, in the process