Board of Directors

Abdel Hamid Afana, Ph.D.

  • Abdel Hamid Afana, is a Dr. Ph.D., graduated from University of Oslo. He is the founder of Jesoor for Trauma and Recovery and is the previous President of the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT), and previous Director of Training and Research Department at the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme. Dr. Afana is one of the scholars who believe that mental health and human rights are inseparable and that mental health professionals have a role in community development and building bridges for peace through health. These ideas where reflected in his clinical, community work and publications. He is the founder of a postgraduate diploma in Community Mental Health and Human Rights. Dr Afana has accomplished his postdoctoral studies at McGill University, Canada analyzing culture, context and coping among refugees and immigrants in different contexts. He is a member of national, regional and international organisations and professional bodies in fields related to health and human rights.

Mohammed Yousif

Mr. Mohammed Yousif has a Masters degree in public health and a diploma in community mental health. He is the nursing supervisor of primary health setting in Rafah City. Mr. Mohammed Yousif has a wide experience in the field of health, primary health care and health management. He is the elected as director for Jesoor’s Board of Directors. Mr. Yousif is a community activists and is interested in community development and interventions.

Mona Kishtah

Ms Mona Kishtah is Community Rehabilitation specialist  with a wide experience in physical rehabilitation of children and adults. She a community advocate and participated in various community actions related to health rights and integration of people with special needs. She is lobbying for women’s rights particularly those who have special needs

Khalid Abu Zaid

Mr Khalid Abu Zaid is a qualified Staff Nurse working at community and primary health care setting for more that 15 years. He voluntarily served in various community institutions sharing experience health and community development. Mr. Abu Zaid is interested in clinical and community health.

Adel Al-Sawalha

Mr. Adel Al-Sawalha has a BA in Low and Shareah, has a wide in community mobilization and development. He integrates Shareah lows in health and ways people misconceive cultural values and norms in their daily life and religious narratives. Mr. Sawalaha worked in various community institutions. Mr. Sawalha has special interest on right to development and community mobilization.

Hisham Khader

Mr. Hisham Khader is an experienced health manager and administrator. He worked in Saudi Arabia for many years and worked at the Ministry of Health. He voluntarily worked in various community organisations both in Saudi Arabia and Palestine. 

Thanks and appreciations for previous Board Members

Mona Kaskeen: Dr. Kaskeen is a GP working in the field of neurology. She accomplished a postgraduate diploma in the community mental health and interested in the field of right to health and prevention of women and child abuse in the Palestine. She is interested in clinical interventions mainly related to family and community awareness. She is interested field of right the health and social justice.
Samah Zumlut:  Mrs Zumlut is a journalist active in the field of advocacy and lobbying related to human rights abuse, torture, women issues and domestic violence. She participated in international and regional conferences about women issues, human rights and violence.
Ali Amer: Mr. Amer is a school counsellor for more than 15 years. He interested in the field of children and human rights as well as school and family intervention. He is one of the community activists advocating the prevention of violence and torture.
Salah Abdel Shafi: Mr Abdel Shafi is one of the community figures active in the field of peace building and reconciliation. He is very active in the field of Palestinian-Israeli questions and interested in building peace between the tow nations.
Nabeel El Hadad: Dr. El Hadad is a paediatrician has been working in the field of children’s health for many years. He believes that child rights and health are inter-related and that environmental factors contribute to health and ill health situation of children and their families.