About Us

Jesoor for Trauma Recovery was founded by Dr. Abdelhamid Afana, a prominent psychotherapist and Transcultural mental health specialist who has extensive experience in community mental health and human rights.is a non-governmental and non-profit organization governed by a professional and an independent board of Directors elected by the general assembly.

Jesoor is registered by the Palestinian Ministry of Interior.

The official and working language of Jesoor is Arabic and English
as the second language

Set of contacts

Jesoor makes contact and cooperation with all organization who
indicate their respect to human rights and committed to prevention
of human rights and torture.

Networking and contacts is built with organizations without
discrimination who believe in building bridges of peace, democracy
and human rights.

Jesoor cooperates and works with organization in the field of
health, human rights, community development, professional
capacity building and with organizations interested in cultural
changes and social mobilization.