Jesoor Annual Report 2009


Stop radicalization of our children

The Gaza Strip is a narrow piece of land, forty-five Kilometers long and only eight Kilometers wide lying along the South east corner of the Mediterranean Sea. It covers around 360 Square Km. It is a massively overcrowded and under-serviced place where approximately 1.5 million Palestinians live, more than half of them are children. The average population density of 3.300 per square Km makes the Gaza Strip one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

Children quality of life in the Gaza Strip is stumpy, and their daily lives are constantly threatened by daily traumatic events. Children are exposed, re-traumatised and forced to witness violence such as killing of their parents, house demolition, torture of their family members and are hold in prison without trial (no juvenile courts). Furthermore, the closure of the only two crossing in and out the Gaza Strip makes it the biggest a prison-like atmosphere in history. The devastating and catastrophic situation in the Gaza Strip including destruction of the infrastructure such as health services, pharmaceuticals, water supply, electricity, agriculture and fishers has excluded no one including children for physical and psychological sufferings.