The Israel’s air force assault

TheIsrael’s air force assault continued on Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip for the ninth leaving more than 500 Palestinians dead, including children and women. More than 2500 people have been injured; hundreds are seriously injured. Hospitals are not able provide care for thousands of injured people, medical supplies and first aid materials are running out, no electricity to run medical apparatus, water supply is interrupted, sewage system is destroyed which might lead to spreading of diseases. Tens of houses were flattened with powerful missiles leaving tens of families homeless. There is no safe place in Gaza.

Contrary to the UN Security Council position people around the globe raised their voices   giving a unified message in different languages; the free world is against killing innocent people regardless of their race and background, the free world is against solving problems by force, the free world is wondering how airsticks and bombardment is going to build bridges for peace, create dialogue and promote peace. Countries of the free world have to stop this war and abide with international laws.
We urge all those who believe in peace, prosperity, dignity and humanity to send letters to their respective governments to intervene and save thousands of innocent lives. 
Jesoor organization