Jesoor Lunch “Legal Protection and Justice for Vulnerable Groups- HEMAYA” Project

شعار التحالف

Jesoor for Trauma Recovery which is a non-profit organization gain founding from UNDP on behave of the Coalition of Justice to implement “Legal Protection and Justice for Vulnerable Groups- HEMAYA” Project in its second phase.

Jesoor for Trauma Recovery main goal to strength the health and human rights relationships, seeking to participate in creative ways to build bridges between health and peace.

The Main Objective of the project:

  • Provide legal aid to vulnerable groups at three levels (awareness, consultation and representation)

  • Enhance the conceptual framework of “Right to Development” through creating community movement and lobbying public opinion

  • Support vulnerable groups to access to their basic social services, as fixed legal obligations

  • Support the efforts of community reconciliation, which is complementary to the process of legal aid empowerment

  • Achieve domestic peace and promote culture of  tolerance.

Specific Objectives (for 2nd phase of the project):

  • Provide the three levels of legal aid services: legal awareness raising, legal consultations and mediation, and legal representations.

  • Frame and deepen the concept of “Right to Development” and the access of the vulnerable groups to basic social services through creating community dialogue and open discussions.

  • Create a suitable environment to the comprehensive national reconciliations through supporting the community reconciliation at the grassroots and national levels.