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IRCT President Dr Abdel Hamid Afana interviewed by the International Review of the Red Cross

In an extensive interview with the International Review of the Red Cross Dr Afana outlines his views on some of the key questions related to the rehabilitation of torture survivors and the prevention of torture.
“We must understand that human beings interact with their environment, and that well-being results in a feeling of hope and altruism”,

Letter to President George W. Bush

An open letter to President George W. Bush On 26 February the IRCT sent a letter to the U.S. President urging him to recognise that waterboarding constitutes a form of torture, and calling on the United States to fulfil its obligations under international law to ban all forms of torture and ill-treatment.

Gaza is drowning in darkness

Gaza Strip is one of the highly densely populated areas in the world where 1.5 million people living, half of them are children. The only two border crossings to Gaza have been partially sealed for more than a year untying the Strip from the entire world. More recently, Israeli government has imposed more strict measures by closing these borders, decreasing the amount of fuel entering Gaza, cutting off electricity,

On the international child day

On the “International child day”, Jesoor organized a workshop about “Tortures and Human Rights abuse”. The workshop was organized in Jabalia camp in collaboration with Women Health Centre in Jabaliah. Mervat Mekbel, Mohannd Hamdan from Jesoor team in addition to Fardous El Katarey from Woman Health Center Jabalia gave different presentations about torture and its psychosocial consequences, child torture and its impact on both child and family and the role of mothers on prevention of torture and child human rights abuse. The workshop was for two days

Representative of MSF-France visit to Jesoor

Wednesday 21/11/2007, Ms Nathalie Severy, psychological coordinator from “MSF, Doctors Without Borders-France” visited Jesoor organization for possible cooperation and sharing experiences in the future. The Executive Director of Jesoor, Mr. Ali Aamer gave her a brief description about the Jesoor while the team coordinator, Ms, Mervat Mekbel give a description about activities and services implemented by Jesoor both at the community and clinical levels. Ms Severy decribed the activities that “Doctors without Borders-France” is implementing in the Palestinian