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Report of the camp bridges – Basma hope


بالتعاون مع مؤسسة إغاثة أطفال فلسطين تم تنفيذ مخيم صيفي, لأطفال مؤسسة جسور لعلاج الصدمات النفسية الذين يعانون من مشاكل نفسية وسلوكية  وإدراكية مثل “صعوبة التركيز والإدراك والانتباه والنسيان “وقد كان عدد الأطفال 40 طفلا الفئة العمرية لهم ما بين 6سنوات إلى 12 سنه  وقد كان المخيم بتاريخ 12/6/2010 وحتى 24/6/2010 ,كما تم  توزيع الأطفال حسب رغبتهم للزوايا المتاحة وقد كانت الزوايا المتاحه متنوعه

The Israel’s air force assault

TheIsrael’s air force assault continued on Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip for the ninth leaving more than 500 Palestinians dead, including children and women. More than 2500 people have been injured; hundreds are seriously injured. Hospitals are not able provide care for thousands of injured people, medical supplies and first aid materials are running out, no electricity to run medical apparatus, water supply is interrupted, sewage system is destroyed which might lead to spreading of diseases. Tens of houses were flattened with powerful missiles leaving tens of families homeless. There is no safe place in Gaza.

Out of the Rubble: a message of peace and dignity


Out of the Rubble: a message of peace and dignity


For the first time in the American history an African-American becomes the President of the United States of America; Barack Hussein Obama represents a new era of change, new responsibilities and duties to the Americans and the entire world. A new message to all who are oppressed; a light comes out of darkness and a life out of rubble. In his inauguration ceremony, President Obama moved the Americans people from the language of fear, terror and threat to a language of hope, optimism and justice painting a new culture of peace, dignity, honest dialogue and respect. The message to the Muslim world that his administration is moving towards a new approach based on mutual interest and mutual respect where dignity, respect and tolerances are core values for dialogue and dealing with differences.

Jesoor Annual Report 2007

On behalf of the board Jesoor’s Board of Directors I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude for the highly committed, dedicated and committed team members. Indeed, the team is small in number but has remarkable accomplishments. I am so proud to be the Board of Directors for such high potential young and open mindedness mental health professionals. I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude for all our partners who genuinely believed in alleviating Palestinian plight. On behalf of the Board, my thanks, and appreciation goes to KinderUS, IRCT, Oak Foundation, Rousing Trust for their generous support, solidarity and support. Many thanks for all individuals and organizations that supported Jesoor organization morally, and professionally and financially


This year, under the logo, “Torture is Unacceptable”, “hand in hand to support torture victims” and Enough “KAFAH” torture” Jesoor organization celebrated the UN International Day in Rafah.